Friday, January 17, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Magen McMinimy

Welcome to the amazing Magen McMinimy!  (Dare you to say it five times fast.... her name is SO MUCH FUN!)  I digress, Magen is one of my fellow Dauntless Indies members, and I know for a fact that she has the patience of a saint.  She has been helping me figure out this whole promotional thing... you know, where I learn to actually pimp myself out.  At any rate, she agreed to answer my DI interview questions and spend a little time with me.... so without further ado, I give you Magen McMinimy (I can't stop saying her name.... seriously, say it out loud!  So FUN)

If you are interested in stalking her on the interwebs.... you can do so at either of these convenient locations:
Want to read her books?  Well she has lots and lots of them... so I will post the beautiful promo pictures she sent me below!  (Obviously with the buy links to each of the first book in the series)



Now that we all know where to find her amazing books.... Like I said, she has too many to put them all... so the links are to the first in each series!  I got off track again, okay, back to Magen and more about her..... here is my fun little interview to find out what makes Magen tick!
What did you want to be when you grew up?  Was it always a writer?
I wanted to be a lawyer when I was way younger then I went to school and became a wedding planner.
 If you could be any animal, what would it be, and why?
I totally want to be Hawk… birds of prey are my new obsession.
 If you could have any super power, what power would it be?
 I would want to be Mystic from X-Men, that probably says a little too much about me.
 Top Ten places you want to visit in your lifetime.....
New Zealand
Do you use real people to influence your characters, or are they completely formed when they come to you?
They are created as I write them; generally I just know the basics of their personalities when I start writing.
The absolute best part about writing a book for you?  The worst?
I love building words and characters that thrive within them, the worst is definitely editing, thank god for my amazing editor, Cynthia Shepp.
Why did you choose to be a part of Dauntless Indies?
I was asked a while ago to join and I was hesitant not because I didn’t love the ladies involved but there is a lot involved with Dauntless Indies and I wasn’t sure I would have the time to meet the goals of the group. However as I saw more of what they were trying to achieve I knew I wanted to be involved with getting the group there.
What are you working on now?  What are your writing aspirations for 2014?
I am currently working on an anthology submission and once that is complete I hope to finish out my Immortal Heart Series this year and then hopefully focus a bit of my energy on marketing the books I have written.
Coffee or Tea? 
Ginger or peppermint tea.
What is your writing process like?  Do you have to have complete quiet, or noise?
Music, I need music in order to write.
What is your favorite line that you have ever written?
I have 18 total titles there is no way I can choose between all of them.
If you had to hang out with any of your characters, which one would you choose?
Hmm… well naturally I would want to hang out with any one of my male characters but the females are fairly kick ass ( in my opinion) so really can I just have a massive party with my entire cast of characters.
Thanks so much for stopping by to find out more about the amazing Magen McMinimy!  I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I did...
Michelle Graves