Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Ever Procrastinating Writer.

  I will do just about anything to get out of writing somedays.  The other day, I decided to make over my writing chair.  It is an old chair from our first dining room set.  We needed a chair in our bedroom and I decided just to keep that one.  So here is the sort of before and after of this little project.  (I forgot to take a picture with the original red seat cover on so this is what was underneath the fabric.)
   So the above picture is right after I had taken the original seat cover off and sanded the blazes out of it.

   Here the chair is all finished.  My upholstery skills obviously need a little work, but I didn't bleed on the chair so I consider it a success.  I am really happy with the antique finish and the color.  Woohoo.  Now I guess I have to get back to writing.  No more excuses!


Michelle Graves

Monday, June 17, 2013

Leading Men and Leading Ladies....

          When writing, every author develops clear pictures of what his/her characters look like.  Sometimes we are able to convey those images to the audience, while other times we just fail miserably.  I happen to be a very visual person so when I set out to write this book I tracked down images of people that fit the mold.  It wasn't until last night that I finally found my Kennan O'Malley.  So in celebration of finally finding him, I thought I would post the images of my leading men and leading ladies.  I hope you enjoy!  (Disclaimer:  I have no idea who took these photographs.  I found all of these images through Pinterest.  So if you know who these people are, or who the photographs belong to please feel free to credit them!)

Izzy Boone:  I have no idea who this girl is... but in my head, she is Izzy.  The big eyes, the innocence... She just embodies her.  I have been told this character is pretty much me.   So it was kind of hard for me to find a picture of someone that fit the character in my head.  (I don't think she is me, just to be clear.  I guess I just wrote what I knew... and I know me.  LOL)

Kennan O'Malley:  I was so excited last night when my friend Ali posted this picture.  This is exactly how I envisioned him.  Eeek....   This man's name is Daniel Conn if you would like to hunt down more pictures of him.  

Xavier Xander:  The man we all love to hate.  He is a villain of the worst kind.  Yet he is painfully handsome.  This beautiful man's name is Derek Hale.  He happens to be an actor and I am sure he is a lovely person in real life.  It is not his fault he fit my mental picture.  

Ian:  Perhaps one of my favorite characters to write.  He makes me laugh out loud.  I just love him so much.  This stunning specimen is Sean Sullivan.  I dare you to look him up on Pinterest... there are some lovely pictures of him!  

Molly:  She is strong and beautiful and is a source of comfort for Izzy when she has none.  I love how tough Molly is.  (I have no idea who the actual person pictured is... so once again, feel free to let me know if you do.)

Isadora:  You don't meet her until almost the end of the book.  She has a much larger role in the second story so I figured I should add her here.  I love Helen Mirren so much.  I think she is one of the classiest women of our time.  So who better to play a brilliantly wise leader?

       Well, that is it for the casting round up.  Be sure to check back next Tuesday, June, 25th for the first chapter of the novel.  I shall post it in all of its glory and torment you!  

Michelle Graves