About Me

    I grew up being quite nomadic and have continued to be that way as an adult.  As the daughter of an Army man and now the wife of an Army Infantryman I have moved all over the world and the United States.  (Mostly Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee).  I love every second of it.  I get to see all sorts of new places and meet new and interesting people. I am sure someday we will settle in one location, but for now, it is perfect.
   I have a beautiful daughter, an amazing and supportive husband, and a seriously fat tailless cat named Torri.  We are all currently getting rather soggy while stationed in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State.  Yes, it really does rain as much as they say it does.  As a southern girl (Tennessee) I desperately miss the heat and the sunshine!  I won't miss them for long though, because the Army is moving us once more at the end of the summer.  Woot Woot!
   Let's see, oh yeah, I write now.  I knew that there was something a bit off with me back in high school and college.  I was one of the few people that looked forward to writing papers.  No matter the topic.  I loved to go into the library and delve through piles of information and then combine it in a way that flowed smoothly.  I suppose I should have known then that my true calling would be as a writer.
   So here I am now, on this journey to self publishing that scares the pants right off of me.  Luckily, I am surrounded by amazing and helpful people that make the journey just a bit less scary.  So this is me, I hope you love the stories that fill my head as much as I do.  



  1. This is a great "about me". I can't wait to read more! :)

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