Monday, October 6, 2014

Chapter One See How She Awakens!


                Echoes pulsed in my mind. Disembodied voices threatening the worlds demise pressed against me, but just as they came, they began to fade. In their place a new demon appeared, threatening my tenuous grasp on reality. Taunts of a life unlived filled my mind; a grave remembrance of an unattainable future left to ruin. His voice calls out to me, begging me to leave the void. Why would I go? He was here.  If I left, I would lose him again. But then the others appeared anew, washing him away with their promises of the horrors yet to come. I stopped the darkness; the demon is gone. Why wont they leave?

            Izzy! another voiceone I know, but dont wish to hearcalls to me.  The voice of betrayal.  Let me in! 

                Aberto. The one man that knew my world would be ripped from me. Hed done nothing to warn me. He couldve stopped Kennan from being taken from me. Now what was I? I wasnt human, not anymore.  So what remained?  Like a video reel playing out on a loop, the moment repeated itself.  The moment everything was ripped from my grasp.  Powerless to look away, I watched as Kennan was eviscerated. 

                The horror of the moment shifted, becoming reality.  Agony lanced through me, igniting every nerve in its trajectory, culminating in a fire that scorched everything daring to stand in its path.

                My soul still felt the echoes of that fire as it burned away all that was left of my humanity.  What was I? 
Izzy!  That voice shouldnt be here.  She should be safe with Ian. No, it was another lie; the echoes trying to trick me.  They had to be pushed back.  No more!  I couldnt survive the torment. I wanted to be alone, to rest in my isolation.

            You are not REAL! I shouted, throwing all of my energy into the dense fog. A shockwave pulsed outward, pushing back all that would threaten to harm me or take me away from him. He was my solace.  At least in the void we could still be together.

            You know that cant be, Kennans disembodied voice whispered.

            Why? You are here now. That is enough.

            Would you live the rest of eternity in this place while those you love suffer?  The determination and sorrow in his voice pulled at me, begging me to act.

                His words were a lie. Id taken the demon with me, absorbed every ounce of darkness into myself.  It writhed inside of me, seeking a way out.  If I stayed here, everyone was safe. 

            I wont leave.  A promise I intended to keep.

            Darkness is on the rise.

            The world will burn.

            Act now, or all is lost.

                The blackened figures pressed through my barrier, calling out to me. Blood trails cascaded from every orifice. They were so familiar, the faces of those Id left behind.  But they were all safe; Id taken the darkness.  Id made them safe.  Now I could rest.

            Think, Izzy!  REMEMBER!  Kennans voice shouted over the figures.

            All I remember is you, and you are gone.  Again I pressed outward, shoving the figures back for a time.  They would come again; they always did.

Chapter One

            IZZY!  Abertos strained voice pleaded through the fog, sounding further away than ever before.  Please. Allow. Me. To. Help.  Each word was a clipped strain as he pressed against the barrier Id created to protect myself.  He would not reach me. 

                The part of his soul that resided within me churned, begging to be reunited with its other half. That would never happen. Hed lied to me, betrayed my trust. 

            LEAVE! my shout sent a rush of energy that reverberated against the barrier.  I could feel him slip further away, and suddenly, I felt very alone.

            Darkness is on the rise.

            More will come.

            The world will burn.

                Madness had begun to sneak in; slowly at first, but it came all the same.  What was real?  Were these voices from now?  Or were they just sent to torment me?  Was I in hell?  Had the demon drug me down with him? 

            Izzy, dont stay here!  You must leave before it is too late.  Kennans voice again.  I must be going mad; he was gone.  No more would we be together.

                But if it was only madness, wasnt there a sense of joy to be gained?  No more would I feel the weight of the world upon my shoulders.  Id fulfilled the prophecy; Id fallen.  What more could I do?

            Remember, Izzy!  You need to remember!  Molly is going to die if you dont!  Kennans anger rose around me, turning the fog a deep crimson.

            Molly is safe in Chicago. Simple. Id made sure of it.

            No, she has been trying to reach you. Izzy, what must I do to make you understand? If you stay, everything will be lost.

            Why cant Uriel do it? Or one of the Old Ones? I did what was asked! I fell, taking you with me in the process.

            Izzy, no more. Im gone. You cant remain here. How can I make you understand? I was sent here to help you, but it seems I cant. Kennans frustration rubbed against my frayed nerves, causing me to sink into myself. 

                As the feelings began to fade, the tide of the void swept against me, sending me back to the start. Why do I feel so lost? The void was supposed to be my sanctuary, a respite from the world Id lost, but the voices leave me alone. Kennan wont leave me alone. He wasnt real. He died. Dont forget, hes gone. Forever.

            GO AWAY! I screamed to the fog, praying the voices would fade. I longed for nothing more than to forget. I was alone; that was enough.

            Izzy, you cant remain here. They need you. You must return. You promised me, Izzy. You promised you would live. Kennans voice bounced through the fog, heading straight for my soul.

            You promised we would have our forever! My throat felt tight as his voice brought forth all I was trying to forget. My other halfmy futurewas gone.

            I did what was necessary to protect you. Dont let that be for nothing, Kennans voice admonished. Now live, damn it!

            Why would I ever leave when I have you here with me? If I go, I will lose you forever, I reasoned, my voice barely above a whisper.

            The world will burn, a voice called from the fog. I knew they were coming; it always started the same. Id given all, and still it wasnt enough.

            Darkness will prevail.

            Act now or all is lost.

            You arent real! Sparks ruptured from my center, sending a blinding light outward. I could keep them at bay. Nothing would ever touch me again.

            Izzy? A strained voice pressed against my barriers, summoning something in my soul. There was comfort in that voice. Familiarity. A home. No, my home was gone. Hed died. This was the betrayer, the one whod let my home slip from my fingers.

            Listen to him, Izzy. Let him in, Kennan pleaded.

            I wont lose you, Kennan.

            If you stay, you will lose yourself. This is not where you are called to be. Why cant you see that? Kennans voice pleaded.

                Whispers echoed through the fog, another familiar voice. A message.

            Love and sacrifice. The voice of my home. No, not my home, the other one. The one my soul called to. The stranger in the fog. The memory from long ago.

            No. Kennans whisper cut through me, more plea than denial. Shes not ready.

            It. Must. Be. The other one, the one who made me this way, called.

            Izzy, I must go, and so should you. I cant remain here.  If I do, you will be lost forever. Kennans sadness ripped through me; pain seared a path straight to my center.

            You arent real. You are a phantom, but a phantom is better than nothing. I will stay.  No matter the other voices that hounded me, I would stay for him.

            And that is why I must go. My heart will be forever yours.  Take it and live, Red. His voice faded and with it he was gone.
            NO! I shouted, feeling the loss of him more powerfully than I would if he were a phantom. NO! He was real. He was here. The fire began to writhe inside of me, the darkness rolling in waves deep in the pit of my stomach. No, he cant be gone. He cant. No. No. No. Panic raced through me as the darkness cascaded around me. The fog churned into midnight as the figures promising death and destruction moved ever closer. No. A whisper, a plea before all was black.