Friday, June 7, 2013

Change (Life Lessons with Izzy)

    Change.  It is something we must all face at one point or another in our lives.  Often times we have absolutely no control over what changes come our way.   Sometimes we, ourselves, can be the catalyst of great change.  Change is simultaneously frightening and exciting.  There is no road map to follow, no instruction manual, and no guarantee on what may be found on the other side.

   Change is something that I became well acquainted with at a very young age.   I moved once every few years growing up and in that time I learned a lot about change.  My life forced me to change schools, change houses, and even at times change countries.  I learned to embrace it all.  Sometimes, we would move to a place and the kids would all think I was completely weird.  While other times we would move and I would be welcomed into the social fold as if I had always been a part of the pack.

   I think the thing I took away from my upbringing the most was that change is inevitable.  No matter how I may wish for things to always be as they are something will shift.  Change finds us all in the end.  But I don't have to let change control me or make me cower in fear.  I can face the changes that come my way.  I can face the circumstances I am met with and I can make the absolute best of total crap situations.  It is all entirely in my power.

   I understand that there are situations where it seems impossible to look on the bright side.  Where in fact there is only a slightly less dark side to be seen in the grand scheme.  But, even in those situations, I have learned that it is not permanent.  That darkness will not last forever because like always change will come again.  I have come to realize that I cannot linger in the past no matter how lovely the past may be.  I must face the changes that come my way.  I must decide how I will react to the changes, good or bad, and move forward with my life.  Without change, we become stagnant.

Izzy is faced with a great many changes in her life.  She finds out things about her past and herself that she never knew.  She can let this change swallow her whole or she can embrace it and see where it may lead.
"My dreams were her trying to warn me.  There was someone after me for a reason

I had yet to discover.  I felt as though the past twenty four years of my life had been a lie.
I needed to know more.  I needed to feel like I had at least a semblance of control over
my life.  And on top of everything Kennan was being too nice.  It was freaking me out.
I took a steadying breath and sat up.  It was time I got my head wrapped around
all of this."- Izzy in "See How She Runs"

The release is getting closer... just a few short months away!  Keep coming back for more life lessons with Izzy!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013


  I have moved part one and two of the prequel under the page at the top See How She Socializes!  Be sure to check back.  I will be adding part three to that page as well.  Don't worry, I have left dividers so that you will be able to easily find the beginning of each part! 

Here is the link to make it a bit easier:
See How She Socializes


Monday, June 3, 2013

Strength (Life Lessons with Izzy)

   Strength.  It is one of those things that conjures different images.  To some it might bring thoughts of body builders and super heroes, while to others it brings about thoughts of an emotionally strong person.  Tonight, as I was picking things up around the house, I took some things into my bedroom and looked at my husband sleeping.  In that moment I knew exactly what direction this post was going to go.

   For those that don't know, my husband is an Army Infantryman.  He has served through 3 deployments in the middle east and has come out with countless awards including a Purple Heart and Bronze Star.  I am ridiculously proud of him.  But, before I get wrapped up in gushing about how awesome he is overall, I will keep to the point.  You see, as I looked at him lying in the bed sleeping after he had worked a 24 hour day yesterday, I realized something.  He embodies every sort of strength imaginable.

   My husband, well he is my Rock of Gibraltar.  He is unfailing in his love for me no matter how crazy I get.  He supports me and encourages me.  He fights for me and for our relationship.  He is the foundation upon which our family is built.  He is the glue that holds my insanity precariously together.  He works endlessly and tirelessly throughout the day and comes home exhausted.  Yet somehow, he always finds time to tell me how much he loves me.  He takes time to play with our daughter.  He lets us know we are important.

  He is not only strong for me, he is strong for his soldiers.  He has seen unimaginable things and been through situations no one should ever have to go through, but in it all, he always puts his guys first.  At every function someone takes the time to tell me how amazing he is.  And the funny part in all of it is that he wants none of the accolades.  He does it, because it is the right thing to do.  Not to be a hero, not to be well liked, but because it is necessary.  In that he shows me strength of character.

   Then there is the obvious sort of strength.  He is like a stinking pack mule.  I tried to put all of his equipment on before the last deployment and literally fell over.  He has to walk miles and miles with at least a hundred pounds of added weight strapped on.  That is just crazy people!  So in that, he shows physical strength.  I also think it shows great mental strength to push through it all.

  It is not just my husband's strength that keeps me going though.  I was lucky enough to have a mom that prepared me for the life of an Army wife.  She taught me to be independent, to be courageous, and above all how to use a screwdriver.  I would not be able to survive the life I lead if it weren't for her strong steady influence growing up.  She taught me how to be strong.  Even now when I forget, she is there to remind me.

  I have been overwhelmingly blessed in this life with an abundance of examples of what it means to be strong.  With the people I love at my back, I feel almost invincible.  Izzy has to face some extremely hard times in See How She Runs.  Here is a little snippet of her showing her strength.

"Alright, distance and no friendship.  This was just going to be a barrel of laughs.  Not that saving the world and taking down and evil corporation should be fun, but the heroine should at least have some perks.  Maybe a bat cave or some shiny weapons.  Instead I got the Olympic Wilderness and a bipolar sensei.  I would have to make the best of it, just like my mom taught me." -Izzy



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