Monday, June 17, 2013

Leading Men and Leading Ladies....

          When writing, every author develops clear pictures of what his/her characters look like.  Sometimes we are able to convey those images to the audience, while other times we just fail miserably.  I happen to be a very visual person so when I set out to write this book I tracked down images of people that fit the mold.  It wasn't until last night that I finally found my Kennan O'Malley.  So in celebration of finally finding him, I thought I would post the images of my leading men and leading ladies.  I hope you enjoy!  (Disclaimer:  I have no idea who took these photographs.  I found all of these images through Pinterest.  So if you know who these people are, or who the photographs belong to please feel free to credit them!)

Izzy Boone:  I have no idea who this girl is... but in my head, she is Izzy.  The big eyes, the innocence... She just embodies her.  I have been told this character is pretty much me.   So it was kind of hard for me to find a picture of someone that fit the character in my head.  (I don't think she is me, just to be clear.  I guess I just wrote what I knew... and I know me.  LOL)

Kennan O'Malley:  I was so excited last night when my friend Ali posted this picture.  This is exactly how I envisioned him.  Eeek....   This man's name is Daniel Conn if you would like to hunt down more pictures of him.  

Xavier Xander:  The man we all love to hate.  He is a villain of the worst kind.  Yet he is painfully handsome.  This beautiful man's name is Derek Hale.  He happens to be an actor and I am sure he is a lovely person in real life.  It is not his fault he fit my mental picture.  

Ian:  Perhaps one of my favorite characters to write.  He makes me laugh out loud.  I just love him so much.  This stunning specimen is Sean Sullivan.  I dare you to look him up on Pinterest... there are some lovely pictures of him!  

Molly:  She is strong and beautiful and is a source of comfort for Izzy when she has none.  I love how tough Molly is.  (I have no idea who the actual person pictured is... so once again, feel free to let me know if you do.)

Isadora:  You don't meet her until almost the end of the book.  She has a much larger role in the second story so I figured I should add her here.  I love Helen Mirren so much.  I think she is one of the classiest women of our time.  So who better to play a brilliantly wise leader?

       Well, that is it for the casting round up.  Be sure to check back next Tuesday, June, 25th for the first chapter of the novel.  I shall post it in all of its glory and torment you!  

Michelle Graves


  1. Love them! Especially Keenan... whew... it's already hot outside but that picture just increased the heat by a few degrees. Yowza!

    1. I know!!!! Ali found him last night and I was like "It is him!!!!!" It was all very exciting.

  2. love them! and they are exactly how i envisioned them while reading. I can't wait for the book so i can see them all in my mind while reading.

    i love that you have posted these now too, so often authors wait until they have released the books before showing us who they envisioned as the characters and quite often by then you have made your own mind up on who they area

    1. I agree. It is hard to reconcile my vision with the authors once it is set. I know that people will still see them differently than I do, but I think it is fun to be able to provide my inspirations... they were all spot on. And thanks to you, I have a Kennan finally!!!!!!