Monday, July 29, 2013

What's in a name?

I thought I would take some time to talk about my character's names and why I chose the ones I did.  I think the only name that was not deliberately chosen was Izzy's..... I am pretty sure her name was conjured up from the hundreds of cans of Izze soda I down.

Sorry, got off track... so to the names.  Let's start with the characters from the first book, shall we?

Kennan O'Malley-  Kennan means "Ancient" or "Descendant of the Fair One."  I really wanted him to have a strong Celtic name.  Plus, well, Ancient really is quite fitting. 

Ian-  Ian means "God is Gracious."  Which, when we encounter Ian in the first book, he is exactly what Izzy needs at the time.  He lifts her spirits and helps her to cope with her new life.

Izzy- Izzy means "God is My Oath" so even though her name was chosen by happenstance, it still has a really symbolic meaning.  Her character's entire future depends on her relationship with God (or the gods if you are talking to Kennan).

Molly- Molly means "Of the Sea" or "Bitter."  Her name was a bit of a hard one for me to accept.  But there are things in her life that have caused her to become quite bitter so I found that it was fitting.  Plus, she is a tiny blonde.  Molly just seemed to suit her.

Xavier- Xavier means "The New House."  Which I found fitting considering he abandoned his calling in order to form a new group. 

Isadora-  Isadora means "Gift of Isis."  Isis was worshipped in both Ancient Egypt as well as Ancient Greece as the goddess of nature and magic.  She is also depicted as a mother figure.  As the head of the Council, she is required to take care of the entirety of the Seers.

Now...... on to book 2.  These characters will be appearing in "See How She Fights."

Conall-  Conall means "Strong Wolf" or "High and Mighty."  Let's just say there is much to be learned about Conall still.  Stay tuned!

Aberto-  Aberto is an Italian name that means "noble."  Much like Conall, you will have to read book 2 to find out more about him.  (He is the symbol-smith by the by.)

Breanan-  I will be honest....I totally just pulled this one out of my hat.  I don't even know if this is a real name.  (Well, it is now.) 

And... those are the major players.  As you read, you may be able to pick up traits that originated from their names.  Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of information!


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