Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life Lessons with Izzy: Future

The future.  It something I simultaneously anticipate and fear.  I have no idea where my life will take me, I have no idea where the road may lead me.  Yet, somewhere in my basic makeup, I always long to know of what is in store for my life. 

I look back on what my life has been thus far and realize I would not be where I am today had things happened differently.  I know for certain that every step I have taken in my life has led me to this moment, right now.  Had one thing happened differently I may never have written a book, married my husband, or had my wonderful daughter.  I think back on that and it makes me wonder about my future.  I wonder how the steps I am taking today will affect the life I lead ten years from now, or even twenty.  What will those days hold.

While, I don't have Izzy's talents, I do know that I can control today.  Tomorrow may be out of my grasp, but the actions I take today will lead me to tomorrow.  Whatever I do in my present has a direct effect on the outcome of my future.  So, though I wish I could look into my future and see what the days ahead hold, I am content to live all of my todays as brilliantly as I can. 

 Instead of worrying about what the tomorrows may hold, I am content to live my todays.  Looking to the future isn't a bad thing, but spending all of our time focused on what may come ruins what time we have now. Unfortunately, Izzy does not have the luxury of living only her todays.  She does have a glimpse at what her future may hold.  Both through the visions of others and her own.  She knows that if she doesn't stop what is happening in her present, the future will be abysmal. 

“How can you see me?”  I asked.  She was still very much alive.

“Because we are bound, you and I.  My past shall be your future unless you can fight what is coming.  Now go, before he sees you.”  Cait said pushing me out of the memory.  I was starting to get sick of people doing that to me.

(See How She Fights Excerpt)



  1. This makes me want to strive to live my days more brilliantly as well. Thank you for always seeming to know just the words I need to hear at just the right time. Love your face!!!

  2. Thanks, i really needed to hear this today. We have no control over the future but we can control the here and now and live for today.
    you are such an inspiration to me <3