Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book Signings... I am doing some!

Okay, so I am totally ripping off the brilliant Penny Reid on this.  Because, well, it is a brilliant idea.  I will be doing a couple of signings this year, and I would love to put together some stuff just for the readers coming to see me.  So, if you plan on being in either of these places, email me and let me know which one you will be at as well as your name so that I can put together something lovely for you.  My email is

Here are the events I am going to be participating in.... you should come see me.

Sweet as a Peach, GA Indie Author signing       April 5, 2014

Pure Textuality Convention    October  2-5, 2014

So, moral of the story, come see me and get free stuff.  Win/Win.  <3

Michelle Graves

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