Friday, July 19, 2013

Things are Happening.

So, announcements first.  I decided to do a week long sale of the book.  Woo Hooo!!!!!!   So, if you have not bought it yet, make sure to get it while it is cheap!  The sale only lasts for the week.  Don't miss out.

Let's see, oh yes, my release party.  Can we just stop for a moment and discuss how much I love my readers?  Or even my future readers?  I had more fun that night than I have had in a very long time.  I laughed so hard I cried at times.  It was amazing and I honestly cannot thank ya'll enough for coming out and being a part of it.   I can't wait for the next one! 

Hmmmmm, what else....  Oh, the reviews are coming in and I can't thank everyone enough for taking the time to post a review on Goodreads, Amazon, and B&N.  Reviews help more than you know.  Whether good or bad, they help me to understand the needs of the readers better.  On top of the reviews, I really appreciate all of the personal messages people have sent me telling me how much they love the book.  It has only been out for like a week now and almost a hundred copies have been sold.  I am just beyond excited by this.  I can't even begin to express how humbling and amazing this whole process has been.  I am floored at the response my book has received.  I never in a million years expected so many people to love it.  So thank you for reading it, for taking the time to write me, and for just being the best readers in the ENTIRE world.  I love you people!

Other stuff that is happening:  I am currently trying to get my book ready to be available in print form.  Enough people asked me for a physical copy that I decided it was a worthwhile investment.  So, look for more news on that soon. 

Lastly, I announced the release of my next book See How She Fights which I have written over 59,000 words on.  I should have it finished and ready for editing soon.

I think that is all that is new and exciting in my world.  I have just been busy pounding the keys trying to get this story finished and ready for editing before our big move back to the South. 


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