Monday, May 20, 2013

New Adventures Bring Emotional Upheaval

I have embarked on this journey called writing.  About two years ago I started a story. It did not really go anywhere for a while.  I could not find direction and alas I left the first twenty pages to rest.  All the while the characters chattered away in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to a year later.  My husband was deployed to Afghanistan with his computer.  The same computer which held my story.  I now realize the stupidity of not having a back up copy.  Thank God the computer and the husband both made it home in one piece.  So a year ago, I was sitting around minding my own business when I was practically struck by lightning.  I am sure anyone close to me saw the bulb over my head light up.  I had figured out where to go with my story.

I started writing down a few notes so that I would not lose my thoughts.  Then my husband came home and I was all wrapped up in familial bliss and the story was once more forgotten.  Two months ago the characters would be silenced no more.  They raged inside my head for a release.  The more I fought it, the less sleep I got.  So I caved.  I said to myself "Self, even if this story sucks, we are going to write it."

So that is what I did.  Two months ago I dedicated all of my free time to writing.  I sat down and poured everything I had into the story.  I did not sleep much.  I was more emotionally unstable than ever.  (Which if you know me says a lot.)  I drove my husband insane talking about characters and crying over their problems.  If I got stuck I would badger him into helping me get unstuck.  I am thankful that I married a saint.

Fast forward to now.  I have finished my story.  It was a labor of love and after reading over it I can say that it is something I am incredibly proud of.  I intended for it to be a single book.  Alas the characters, they won't leave me alone.  So now I am in the process of figuring out the whole editing process, hiring a cover artist, and just trying not to be lost in the sauce all while the characters chatter in my head.

I had no idea how much went into writing a book before I started this process.  What this process has left me with is an unyielding respect for authors.  I am so blessed to have the help of fellow indie authors and a bunch of book-a-holics to guide and encourage me on my way.  This journey is just beginning and I can't wait to see where it might take me.

I look forward to you joining me!


P.S.  A big thanks to these ladies for all of their help. They are both brilliant, so please go and check them out!

Belinda Boring The Queen of Swoon

Lacey Weatherford The Queen of Hearts

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