Tuesday, May 21, 2013


So, as all of you know I am on this journey of trying to publish my very first book.  If you are an indie author, then you know this task is far more daunting than you might think.  These are the things I had no idea I would need when I set out to publish my book.

  • An Editor-  It never crossed my mind.  I thought that I would for sure be able to catch all of my own mistakes.  After doing my hard edit and then going back through I realized... not so much.  This lady needs some help.  I think as an author I get so wrapped up in my story that I can skim over the grammatical infractions.  So, I have hired and editor.  WooHoo!  That one was serendipitous, because she showed up in one of my book clubs saying she edited for Indie Authors.  I said, "I will take one please."  
  • A Cover Artist-  This one was far more daunting.  There are literally hundreds if not thousands out there.  I don't know how many pages I scrolled through before finding even two that I liked.  Right now I am in talks with two different artists trying to decide which one to move forward with.  Both have done covers for some of my favorite authors.  (This makes me all fan girl inside just thinking about it.)  The moral of this story, if you want a good cover, you are gonna have to pay.  Seeing as I am a member of the judge a book by its cover club, I think it is a worthwhile investment.  (I know, I shouldn't, but I am an incredibly visual person.)
  • ISBN Numbers-  Smashwords provides these if you publish through their site.  But, say, you want to print your book.  Those suckers go for a pretty penny.  $125 for one.  This is me with the dollar signs rolling in my eyes.  It all adds up.
  • Copyrighting-  This one I am still working out the logistics on.  I know that I can write copyright language in the front of my book and it would be considered legal.  I am just paranoid enough that I would not sleep at night.  I would always wonder, "Is it really enough?"  So I think that I will end up getting an official copyright.
  • Taxes-  I have no clue about this one yet.  Like, what is considered a tax write off for authors?  Would buying a new laptop constitute as a business expense... because if it is, I am outta here to the nearest Best Buy.  Still have no clue about this one, so if I find out I will let ya'll know. 

 So if you are out there writing a story, do what I did.  Keep on ignorantly plugging away at the story.  Because I am sure that if I had seen all of this halfway through writing, I would have thrown my hands up and quit.  I spend an inordinate amount of time shaking my head going "What Next?"  I am lost in the sauce most of the time.  Luckily I have access to some amazing people that are willing to help me when I get stuck.  

Michelle (Drowning in the Details)

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  1. i'm sure there are many many things you can claim as an author. A laptop and coffee being 2 of them ;)

  2. I know that my sister,who owns her own business, can claim supplies used in the process. Coffee, toliet paper, gas for driving if you visit ( so many cents per mile), if you have to stop and eat -say if you have to drive to meet someone to do with you writing. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!

  3. I looked up a bunch of stuff and was pleasantly surprised by what all can be deducted. I will definitely be keeping all of my receipts.